One...two...three...Salman Khan's show starts as soon as it gets dark in the cinema hall. Salman's entry is from the action scene. In Amitabh's style of 'Deewar', Salman pulls down the shutter and the goons lock it. After this, the sallu of those twenty-five men is washed vigorously.

Wanted 2009 | Salman Khan | Full Action Hindi | Movie

Dhansu song immediately after the dhansu action scene. In front of the idol of Ganesh ji, Salman dances on the song 'Jalwa'. With action and songs, the director showed what kind of man Radhe is. He cuts people like carrots and radishes and bows his head before the Lord.

Radhe (Salman Khan) is a shooter. His cousins ​​call him Brucely's maternal grandfather and Rambo's uncle. He also speaks clich├ęd dialogues like 'The headmaster of the school where you study takes tuition from me'.

He can do anything for money. But wait... he has some principles too. He does not raise his hand on women and children. He does what he likes. He drinks alcohol and blood whenever he wants and that too by suppressing it. He considers gutkha to be a commodity of death. Once he has made a commitment, then he does not listen to himself.

In between the action, romance is also necessary. Girls die on the style of this hooligan man because he plays with 'weapons' very well. Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia) gets hooked on this killer by saying 'You are a goon, but you are good at heart', but she too shudders to see Radhe's cruel form.

Radhe works for Gani Bhai (Prakash Raj) and starts hiding his enemies. Gani Bhai's special man gets murdered and Gani Bhai, fond of watching girls' wrestling, comes to India from abroad. Coming here, he comes to know of a special secret, due to which he and Radhe become enmity. There is a twist in the story and everyone gets to know what is Radhe's motive behind the bloodshed.

The entire film is dominated by Salman. The flaws in the script have also been ignored to show Sallu's heroism. Because of Salman, the audience digests those mistakes. Hundreds of bullets are fired at Salman and he does not even get a scratch. The audience does not care about these things while watching 'Wanted' because their hero cannot even be touched by a bullet.

Action is the main attraction of this film. Several action/stunts have turned out to be excellent, including the scene of Salman's entry, the thrashing of the goons who tease Ayesha in the train and the climax of the film.


Ayesha Takia has played Salman well. Prakash Raj has left his mark as Gani Bhai. He has laughed a lot while being caught by the police. Seeing Mahesh Manjrekar creates hatred and this is his success. Vinod Khanna does not leave an impact.

If you love action movies and are a fan of Salman Khan then 'Wanted' with tangy spices is for you.